My mini mavic went bye bye


I lost my drone. I lost contact and I think it drifted :(. I can’t even begin to find it.

Here is the log.


If you are able, can anyone give me a “guesstimate” from the last known position as to what direction it may have went and roughly how far?

I realize this may be impossible, but if possible, I want to search for it.

Thank you

Well that would be possible. However you took off with too few Sat’s and your NavHealth was zero.
The aircraft switched to ATTI at 14 seconds and there is ZERO sattelite location data for the entire flight. So basically, impossible to even approximate.

Ugh. Okay. Thanks for trying. Would that Dat file help? I’m not sure it even made one.

No, if there is no GPS Position in the .txt log, it won’t be in the .dat either. There was no home point recorded or any other GPS data.

The .DAT will have the GPS data. It may be good enough to determine last location and drift. @H2drone can you provide the .DAT? Here are the instructions for retrieveing it.

Thanks! Ok I will get it for you.

Does this work for Mavic Mini? I went and opened Flight Records but don’t see a DAT file. Ugh. I will try to figure out what I’m doing wrong, but any suggestions?

Did you look in
. FlightRecords/MCDatFlightRecords

Yes and it was empty. Is there a pull down menu that lists All Files? Maybe I have the wrong extensions chosen.

The extension you want is .DAT. That’s capital D-A-T.

Yet another Mini missing the .dat files it appears. Not sure why this is. @BudWalker…Just a quick question. Whay would the .dat have the GPS positioning when the .txt does not?

You may be thinking of the Lat/Long data in the IMU record. Those are computed by the FC. Or, in this case, not computed by the FC.

The GPS data is what I was referring to.