My Mavic Pro Lost When RTH.

Hi guys, I need help ( sorry for my english if I’ll mistake )

The remote control lost the signal and the RTH was activated. But he did not return. According to the latest GPS information, we went immediately but could not see it in the air. (After about 4-6 minutes) We looked around but we did not find him or not realised We don’t know if the last GPS location fell near or continued on its way?

Any Clue?

log viewer.

According to the elevations in Google Earth, your Mavic would have only been about 30 feet above the ground at its lowest point on its flight back to the home point. At that altitude, it could have easily crashed into a tree (or the ground if the elevations aren’t accurate).

This black line shows the path the Mavic would have flown back to the home point:

I think it probably impacted something in this area:

Use the map app on your mobile phone to go to this location:

38.4906535515, 26.4250015086

Once there, use your map app to map a route from that location to 38.48240897,26.43141211 (the home point). Walking that path will take you through the red box above.

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