my mavic pro changed the home spit on me and i lost my drone

My mavic pro is lost after it changed hime location on me. Ive been out all night and still no luck. I used find my drone, and looked threw the flight path. Im not sure what to do now. Ive had it for 5 days now, and that was my first big flight

Sorry guys heres a updated copy.

Are you sure that’s the correct log file? According to your log, you took off, flew maybe a couple feet from the home point, and then landed. Your Mavic should have easily been within sight for this flight.

As msinger said, this can’t be the correct flight. You only flew a few feet up and the aircraft was right by you. The home point was never set at all. You only aquired 5 sats and there is no GPS data in the file at all.

Im sorry. Let me find the right one

Your last recorded position is below. I suspect that you changed the home point. It happened 3 times during the flight. At this last point you were hovering at ~275 ft, with an extremely low battery. I suspect that it autolanded in the trees. No way could it make it to the last recorded home point.

Here’s what I see in your flight log:

  • Between 11m 7s and 11m 36s: You reset the home point to the mobile device’s current location. Unfortunately, your mobile device was not reporting an accurate location at that time. If you scroll through your flight log using the slider below the map, you can see the location of your mobile device (the blue dot on the map) bouncing back and forth between two locations (one near the original home point and the other at the last set home point).

  • 11m 38s: The Mavic started flying back to the new home point.

  • 12m 25s: You cancelled RTH.

  • 12m 30s: The Mavic was hovering in place at about 252 feet above the ground below.

The good news is that your Mavic was flying high enough to avoid any obstacles on the way back to the home point. The bad news is that it did not have enough battery power to make it back to the home point.

The red line in the image below shows the path the Mavic would have flown on the way home:

I think the critically low battery level was reached before it made it home and it landed somewhere in this yellow box:

If you don't find it in that box, then follow this red line from the home point until you find it:

This is a pretty populated area, so someone could have found your Mavic if it made it safely to the ground. It also could have landed in a tree or on top of one of the houses/buildings.
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