My Mavic Ascend abrupt without order

Hi community,
Yesterday got three strange behavior with my mavic 2 . I ll mention now the last and third fly.
My drone flying at 12 minutes 12 seconds aprox start ascending abrupt without order (log at bottom) . Fortunate i still get control and down my stick to stabilizer the altitude. Before that issue, i was hoover on place. Try to descend a few meters and drone doesn’t take the order, instead it ascend a little. In that moment i decide to go home . During flying back happened what i describe before.

On second fly, the drone at 20 meters didn’t take the order to descend a little. The camera was pointing some degrees down. Instead drone start to descend constant and camera point up. But still got control to avoid these behavior. Try again the same and drone respond same way descending constant and camera return pointing 180 degrees.

here is link of third fly

Thanks a lot

It looks like something was triggering the bottom sensors (which could cause the aircraft to auto ascend). You can see that here:


Perhaps that was caused by fog or light bouncing off the surface of the water below.

thanks singer !
Make sense…
I was over water but special on a dense fog…
I thing is it posible to disable these sensor to control the drone with caution. Its my first time i access to log. Im learning how to read. Great helping and fantastic tool LOG reader.
Thanks a lot!