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My first ATTI Experience


Posted this here and there, looking for opinions…

I had my first ATTI mode experience this morning! First, I accidentally snapped one of my landing gear legs, so now have to order something new. I use them to keep from getting Gimbal overloads… my tile is velcro-ed to the battery at the back of the bird, so it wont sit flat now. Well, no problem I thought, I will hand launch… done it a few times before, no sweat. However, ( and this is 100% stupid pilot error ) Whilst I was fiddling with the controller, I set the Spark down, while it was running, on the top of our old dug well head (you can see it near my barn in many of my videos) and it has some metal handles and rebar within its cover… So, when I picked up the Spark to hand launch, I checked the sensors, the compass was fine, but the IMU said it was “moving” and could not give a reading. I was holding it really still… I had 16 sats… so, I thought I would go up anyway, thankfully I chose to fly out over one of my open fields… about 30 meters out, it started to wobble and act really strange, then bingo… the controller said “Atti Mode”… it was pretty windy, I was only up about 4 meters… so I was easily able to bring it back and hand land it. I admit, my heart raced a little

Here’s the log…

Comments welcomed…


Got to admit similar experience when I switch my P4P+ into ATTI mode inadvertently . . . not really being aware of that little switch . . and for no good reason it just started “flying away”. being around trees I went for altitude and it just kept flying away . . until I started “Flying it” like a real helicopter. Only after I got it back and my heart started again did I realize what hsd happened . . moral for the day. " learn how to fly before launching off in all those automatic modes!" . . you never know when you might actually know how to control the aircraft rather than just “push around its auto-pilot”.

Glad things worked out for you too.


Thankfully I had some experience with a non-GPS drone previously, which made experience less scary, however after reading so many flyaway topics, once imagination gets a little wild

And of course there’s no switch on the spark for ATTI mode, so it’s getting you there through malfunction only.