My drone fell out of the sky from 390 meters when I pushed RTH button

I’m desperate for any help please. My front left motor didn’t fully spin like the other props when I turned on the props. I figured my motor maybe was damaged from my last flight where I knicked a pole.The drone flipped over and wouldn’t shutoff. I tried everything I could to turn it off but I eventually had to grab it and pull the battery out. I wasn’t going fast or anything and was only a couple feet above the ground. But the way it flipped over, and wouldn’t shut off, really was a brutal crash to me. 3 of the 4 props were shredded as it was bouncing off the concrete. So I took it out today to make sure everything was working okay since I haven’t flown it since the crash.

When I fired up the props, the front left motor was barely spinning. I barely gave it a nudge with my hand and it fired right up. Everything seemed to be ok so I wanted to test it. Mind you I was very careful just in case the motor was broken. (I am a noob and have only flown this a couple times). I was very careful and only tested the throttle. Once everything seemed normal I made sure the right stick responded normally. Everything seemed ok so I just flew it straight up to get some shots of the sunset before it got dark. I have never tested the RTH button because I have only flown the drone a couple times since it has been terrible weather in Utah since the day I bought it. I figured I would try the Home button. Right when I pushed it everything seemed ok and it seemed to be hovering just left of where I launched it. Once the drone was right over me, I heard the controller say “Landing now”. Not even two seconds after that it just dropped straight to the concrete.

I was able to access my .dat file. See attached the photos. Can anyone tell me what might of happened by looking at my flight log? And what is the best way to check if my motors are defective?

If you would like assistance, please share a link to the actual .DAT file. Screenshots are useless. Also, you can upload your .txt log to the link below and share a link back here. In your case the .DAT may be more useful.

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