My drone drop gps constantly

Hello, let me ask for help:
For the second time the drone / Phantom4adv /samsung tablet/ does the following after it took off and had gps coverage, starts losing and receiving a GPS signal, finally stops searching for GPS and switches to ATTI mode until landing, / the problem is not in the lack of GPS satellites, because I follow them on another device and there is coverage of at least 12sat. all the time.
After landing / and restarting the drone and the controller /, I make a second flight which is completely normal without loss of GPS. If he hadn’t done it a second time, I wouldn’t have bothered, and I would have given it a moment’s embarrassment, but it’s not.
Please advise what could be the reason for this behavior. I am worried that if I go to a service center without doing it constantly, they will not pay attention to this problem. I enclose photos from the fly-log / if anyone is interested I can send it to him.
Thanks in advance!
my .dat file from the flight!AmFQ8YcMHWEggYsv-J68CwOOYC2OGw?e=obBZbK
my .dat file from the flight!AmFQ8YcMHWEggYsuIfpGwGkY-ReChw?e=QgXSnA
my fly-log file!AmFQ8YcMHWEggYswRW4jFsBo9nPb5Q?e=ky8IGP
my log file

I saw this over on the DJI forum. Looks very much to me like a intermittent HW problem with the GPS module. If you have trouble convincing the repair center that there is a problem then point them to FLY131.DAT.

Some of your symptoms sound close to what I was having- a disconnect between the bird and the RC. Only, of course, yours is in the gps.
Gonna sound stupid (it did to me as I had a dedicated cable) but try changing the usb cable you are using to connect to the RC. No matter the replies I will get, it’s a simple ‘cure’ and if it doesn’t work what did it hurt?