My Drone Disappeared

Hi! I uploaded the flight log here:

Does anyone understand what happened to my drone here? Appears to have just fallen out of the sky? Thanks for taking a look! Worth reaching out to DJI?


It appears you had a bad battery cell. The voltage dropped below the cutoff level and shut down the aircraft.

Thank you very much! I had no idea what happened at the time.

I know this picture of the battery information is old but how/where do I look to find this info? I have the P4P and I want to look at this information on my drone.

Thanks in advance for your help!

See this link, and follow the instructions.

I was using the log viewer but maybe I don’t know what I’m doing.

After uploading I get this view

What am I missing other than gray matter?

Scroll through the flight and you can see the data in those 15 columns. You can download the CSV file to view and analyze the remaining data columns in Excel. Or you can download CSV View from the link below and load your TXT log file there. Another option would be to use Airdata. Finally, if you are not familiar with the data points, you can share a link here to your uploaded file and there are many of us around who can look for you, if you are having specific issues. Links to CSV View and Airdata Below. * NOTE: The battery info image that was posted was derived from CSV View.