My bird strike

Yesterday I had an incident that must have been a bird strike. The left front landing leg was folded back
and the underside of the right front prop had some streak marks that look kinda greasy.

Looking at the .DAT file the eventLog stream shows this

147.537 : 10017 [L-FDI][CTRL]: fault on , impact_in_air
147.557 : 10018 [L-RC]craft ctrl failed!!!
147.676 : 10024 [L-FDI][CTRL]: fault off, impact_in_air
148.992 : 10090 [L-FDI]NS(0) GPS(0): fault on , conformity
149.571 : 10119 [L-RC]craft ctrl failed!!!

The M2P was hovering at about 44 meter height when the accelerometer data shows it was hit from below and from the left

The attitude data shows that it pitched up and rolled right

The pitch data shows that it tumbled end over end a few times before righting itself.

Too bad I wasn’t recording the video stream. I was using the DJI Goggles and recall that the when the incident occurred that 1) the gimbal seemed to be stuck pointing at the left prop, 2) erratic hard to control flight, and 3) there was some kind of Gimbal error. The .txt log shows this “Gimbal Roll Reached Movement Limit”. After a few secs it got easier to control but the gimbal was stuck at roughly 70° CW tilt. Finally, the gimbal righted itself as I was flying it back.

Logs are here.
DAT file
.txt file

Have any luck tracking down that replacement part? If not, maybe you could weld it with something like this until a replacement part is available:

Wow, how unfortunate. I had my Spark in the Air the other day and a Hawk was circling it. I brought it towards home, within my range. My Mavic 2 Pro hasn’t had any such encounters yet. Those birds of prey will attack drones for sure, based on size. Good luck with your repairs. Safe flying!

@BudWalker, is the Mavic all patched up again? I’m interested to hear how your repair went.

Not yet. It’s flyable as it is and I haven’t had a lot of time lately.