Multiple DJI Apps On Same Tablet

I’m a recently new member. I posted previously on the Phantom 3 Pro/Adv chat room. My P3 Adv (bought used) has camera function issues (but flies great) and you guys helped me understand that issue much better (probable gimbal board problem). I put fixing it on hold. Then I took a leap of faith and ordered a new Mavic Pro. I purchased a dedicated 10" tablet as my mobile device. My question is, is it OK to have both the DJI GO app (for the Phantom) and the DJI GO 4 app (for the Mavic) on the same tablet? I’d still like to practice flying the Phantom to get more comfortable and gain more confidence while I take baby steps learning the Mavic Pro and all of it’s capabilities. Like most newbies, I had no idea of the features, capabilities and complexities of these little flying machines. It’s fun stuff.

Yep! I have both apps installed on all of my mobile devices.

And what about the Google Earth App? Is it necessary to download that too? I don’t yet understand the relationship between Google Earth and the DJI navigation system where one can “overlay” the Google Earth view over the area you are flying, both in real time and for post flight reviewing. Is that information already contained in the DJI GO 4 app or does it work together with Google Earth? Any clarification about how this all works separately or together will be appreciated.

Some flight log viewers (like mine) generate a KML file that can be opened in Google Earth to view the flight path for a specific flight. If you don’t plan to view your flight logs after flying, then Google Earth is going to be of no use to you.

I would like to learn the full capabilities of the software including flight log review. What does KML stand for? I also like Google Earth for things non-drone related. I’ve read that a mobile device that is “busy” with a lot of apps can be problematic with the smooth running of the DJI software. Any truth to that?

Keyhole Markup Language

See more details here:

Yep! If you’re having trouble with the performance on your mobile device, these guides can help:

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works for me quister.