I have the mavic 2 zoom with the flymore charger, but it charges my 3 batteries sequentially and takes several hours. There is a charger in the market that charges all the batteries at the same time. There are several brands. They advise buying it and what to mark. Mavics batteries are very expensive for this charger to damage them …

Per the usual, DJI is going to recommend against using any type of 3rd party accessory. That doesn’t mean all 3rd party accessories aren’t made well and/or will damage your batteries.

Here are a few parallel battery chargers that are known to work well with Mavic 2 batteries:

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I use a Sunnylife 5 in 1 charger which has metal case fan cooling overcharge over heat and charges 4 batteries and 2 usb outputs . Similar to the FStopper one shown . Around £34