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MP skids / pontoons


Has anyone had real life experience with these:

And these:

I’ve not seen them mentioned much on other forums so I was wondering if anyone uses them .


I haven’t tried his products, but I subscribe to his YouTube channel because he often discusses and demos his products there. He has some videos there that show how his Arris skids work.


I think I may invest … I do a little flying over water so they could be a good tool to have in the armoury.


did you finnally invest in this product and what do you think about? I am also interested to buy one or does somebody can give me advice on a similar product to land on water.


Sorry for the delay.

Yes I did invest and thoroughly recommend them. They are well built, easy on, easy off and your MP doesn’t sink if you land on water. You can take the pontoons off and use the skids for general flight but I only use them if I’m near water.

I only tested them landing on the water but it’s not a habit I’d recommend doing unless you really really have to … water does get everywhere. Use it for its purpose … safety device / just in case !! Always land correctly on land as a matter of course with them on.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


I have a set. Chose them because it was the widest base I could find. They are easy on and off, plus don’t seem to shorten battery life appreciably. I