MP controller fragile micro usb port?

Anyone have problems with your controller not charging or the port breaking?
Is it really that fragile or are people jamming the cable in the wrong way?
I mark my cables so they go in the correct way.
I’ve been using the usb port now to connect to my tablet and leave the micro usb just for charging
There are reversible cables for both the usb and micro usb so it doesn’t matter the direction you plug them in.

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Reversible on both ends… my life is complete now. I didn’t know such a product existed.

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Lol, I didn’t think you could invert the connection especially for charging.
This is the other one that I think is great if it works good.
Some reviews say it charges slow
The nice thing is you leave the micro usb in the port and just use the magnetic adapter to charge.
I’m only going to use the port for charging now after hearing of some ports breaking

Got my reversible cables today
Not sure how long something like this has been out but it’s like a scientific breakthrough for me.
I’ve been fighting for years trying to see which end is up :thinking:

I didn’t buy the magnetic ones
Read somewhere that it caused interference with the controller

I purchased the red cables you linked above too. I haven’t used them much, but I’m liking them so far. They seem to be made well too.

These cables are sooo much easier to use.
Even to charge the controller the connection slips in nice and doesn’t matter which end is up.
I used to fumble with the dji connector and push hard and that’s probably why the port was breaking.
And with the 3 cable kit I can leave my tablet connected to the controller via the usb port and use the other cable for just charging