Moving Flight Reader to new computer

I just upgraded my computer and would like to move Flight Reader to the new computer. I am running Flight Reader under virtualization on a Mac. On my old computer I was using VMware Fusion running Windows 10 but I am going to be switching to Parallels (in trial mode at the moment) on my new Mac which is running Windows 11.

I have Flight Details recorded for every single one of my Flight Records so if I just sync my flight records I am assuming I will loose all those flight details. Can I just install re-install Flight Reader on my new Mac VM and input my license code then manually copy over the complete ‘Flight Reader’ folder from my old VM and replace to new blank one?

Thanks for any help.


Yes, all of your data should be available if you copy this folder from the old VM to the new VM:

Thanks got it to work and all my flight details are there.

On my new computer the screen is larger so when Flight Reader displays the logs they are tiny within the reader window. Is there a way to increase the size of the flight log display so that they fill up the reader window? See my Screen shot.



That looks like some kind of scaling issue. Can you share a screenshot showing this?

Here’s a screenshot from the VM.


Try this:

  • Use the “Turn off custom scaling and sign out” link to turn off custom scaling
  • If the Scale value changes, manually set it back to 350% (or whatever looks best)
  • If Flight Reader still isn’t scaling properly, then reinstall it over top of your current installation

The scaling isn’t working and neither is reinstalling Flight Reader. I think the changes I am trying to make have to do with the fact that I haven’t activated windows yet as I am still evaluating whether I want to do the switch over to Parallels Desktop and the upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 - an expensive upgrade considering I have to buy Parallels and another windows licence.

For now Flight Reader works perfectly but the only problem is it is not scaling to fit its window. I can live with that for awhile I evaluate whether to upgrade or not.


$11.90 per license here

Wow! Thanks for that. The way I understand that is that I would pay for a product key and enter the given key into the Windows 11 install on my Parallels VM and that should unlock and activate windows within the VM. The only thing that concerns me is that hopefully the licence code would work on the version that Parallels has installed on the Apple silicon (ARM).

I will definitely try that link once I have decided whether or not I want to purchase a Parallels licence. So far I like what I see but I still have almost two more weeks to test out the trial version to see if it works smoothly on my new computer.

Thanks again for that link and for the fantastic support.


I have purchased several Windows licenses there (one for a Surface Pro with an ARM processor), but none for use with Apple silicon (ARM).

You could reach out and ask before buying. However, it’s a normal Windows license, so I don’t think the processor would make a difference.

Yes, I think it will be ok but I will probably check before I buy just to be sure. I think I read somewhere in the Parallels documentation that you can provide your own Windows licence if you have one so I don’t think it will be a problem. That site you linked to is much cheaper than anything I ever came across so that is a very welcome tip.


I finally activated my trial version of Parallels and purchased the license code from the site you linked above. It worked perfectly and Windows 11 is activated on my VM. Thank you very much for that link, it saved me a lot of money and I really appreciate it.

When I get some time I might try to deal with why the display is not scaling in Flight Reader. I might try the suggestion you mention above after I take a snapshot of my VM because of the warning that Parallels/Windows displays below.