Mounts for Arc 2 Strobes

Hi Mike, I recall you might have been working on 3d printed mounts for these firehouse tech strobes for the MA2, do i have that right?

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Here’s his site for some of what he has available.

I don’t have the mounts available in my store yet, but here are some shots of my new Mavic Air 2 mounts:



I just ordered 3D for my air 2 from mischisy co

Check this web site out, I got the mounts for my MA, work fine.!/DJI-Strobe-Mounts/c/42681052/offset=9&sort=normal

Good luck.!/DJI-Mavic-Air-2-LED-Strobe-Light-Mount-for-Firehouse-Technology-ARC-Dual-and-Flytron-STROBON-Cree/p/200663504/category=42681052

Here ya go.

I use them on my MA no problem, flexible enough.