Motor Damage

.I recently shipped my STD by UPS instead of going through the hassle wih irport security. When I shipped it back to my home one of the motors would not operate. Not sure if it was damage in shippment or some how I damaged it. When I removed the props I had trouble getting one off but did not note which one. Also got red light on Gimble, which troubles me more. I only discovered the problem when I tried to fly when the bird flipped on it’s back as a result of one motor not turning.
Any comments would be appriciated1

I have a few questions for you:

  1. Does that motor appear to be visually damaged?
  2. When you turn it by hand, does it turn freely like your other motors?
  3. Does that motor spin when you turn on the motors with the props off?

No damage visible
Yes it spins freely by hand
It tres to, sutters but no complete revolutions.

Thanks all for the responeses, hope I can respond soon as in steep learning curve.

It sounds like that motor is damaged. If you’re going to attempt the repair yourself, replacing that motor would be the first thing to try. Here are a few places to purchase a new motor:

Note: The CW motor has a black dot on top of it. The CCW motor is silver on top.

Here’s a video showing what’s involved in replacing a P3 motor:

If you’re not comfortable doing this repair yourself, you can find some Phantom repair shops here.

Just a guess but I wonder if UPS X-ray’d it? Did you ship it internationally? I’ve had USB thumb drives destroyed by security x-ray machines.
The ESC could have been damaged if so. The fact that the motor stutters seems to indicate that the ESC is not sensing the spin of the motor.

It seems the P3 Standard doesn’t have the HW necessary to sense motor data. I.e, it can’t sense Speed, EscTemp, Voltage or Current. The stuttering seems to be particular to the P3 Standard.

I’m am no expert on ESC’s but I believe they have to sense the direction of spin and position of the rotor in order to work correctly otherwise it would not be able to send the pulses at the correct time.
These may be a simpler type of ESC on the Phantom 3 where the flight controller on the main board cannot determine what the RPM is but that is not necessary for the ESC and brushless motor to function.
I can’t find a good webpage to reference( a little pressed for time tonight) but this one touches on it a little:

I’m less of an expert than you are, A more accurate statement would have been that the P3 Standard doesn’t record these values in the .DAT. They are, however, recorded for all the the other DJI platforms. I’m thinking there must be some motor HW difference.