MINI2 on max power

My Mini2 takes off on maximum power with no joystick input. I’ve tried another controller. Ditto. Has anybody a cure?

Can you share one of your TXT flight logs so we can see what the data shows? You can upload your flight log here and then post the link here.

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Thanks for the reply. It’s dismantled now. I’ve found a used working ESC pcb online. I’ll try that and post if not working still.

Also, it would be worth sharing any information regarding repairs you might have made to this drone between now and when it was last working as expected. Or was this behavior occurring brand new out of the box?

It’s been perfect for 18 months, some long flights, including following while mountain biking. Stored indoors warm and dry unused for 2 months but charged. Then it started doing this first time it was switched on after the break. Hand held it’s goes instantly to max power, then cuts out. I rolled back the firmware but still the same. I will post what happens.

Hi It’s the same with replacement ESC pcb. If you try to take off of flat ground it flips over left and back. In other words with it on the ground, camera facing away, the lower left motor seems very weak. All advice appreciated.

Can you post a flight log as described in post #2? Have you checked to see if the correct props are on the right hubs?

Bud you nailed it with the prop question and I’m embarrassed. The drone wasn’t faulty I was. After previous flying with my young grandson I noticed a damaged blade. There were 2 spare blades in the box when bought new. Both identical, clockwise. So I fitted both and put it away till his next visit when he brought it to me folded out, wanting to play. As I’m a retired electronics repair tech I assumed either he’d done something or the unit was faulty. Assumption is the mother of all f…ups. Some are anti clockwise which I’d overlooked. Should the spare blades not have been one of each which would be more sensible.

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