Mini pro 4 controls freeze after take of a moving botr

Dear Dji help… I took of a moving boat withe my mini pro 4 as soon it was up about 8 Mt the controls @RC N 2 freeze I could not turn the drone but I could go up butt refuse to turn or go forward… Luckily the boat turn around after a 100 Mt and I could manage to bring it down to the boat as we were moving to the drone… My question is what make the controler to freeze is it because the controler was moving?? Is there any settings I have to do before taking of a moving opject


We might be able to help you if you can provide the .txt log file for the flight. Take a look at

to see how to retrieve the .txt log file

Every instruction ever written for DJI tells you not to take off from a moving vehicle (and in the US is forbidden by FAA rules).

But ignoring that, it may be that there are radio, radar or other RF sources on the boat that are interfering.