Mini PCI UFL cable

I’ve been searching Google for this and it seems most users just send them to someone else for repair or buy the whole assembly. The P4 is not that complex, I just tore apart a Spark and was surprised how much DJI managed to stuff in there.

I broke, on my P4 ADV, a grey Mini PCI UFL (2) cable from 3in1 board to landing leg. I really don’t want to buy a whole landing setup with the cables. It’s frustrating because the only thing I can find is Mini PCI UFL to SMA adapter

Picture of the whole cable you’re looking for showing both ends and length?

It’s female to female 9.5 inches long (gray) if that matters :wink:

I’ll look and see if I have something that will work.

Here’s a place that I have acquired parts from.

Starz, thanks that is what I’m looking for. I was on that site but didnt see those. DOH. Thanks for getting me in the right direction

Just be careful on their site and make sure you are looking closely at what you order. In the past I have received pieces that weren’t what I had ordered. The excuse they used was the guy in the back not picking the right piece from what was on the list.
Goo ruck!
I did find the one I have and it’s only 8 inches long.

I spend years working in calibration so this drone stuff is pretty easy. But without a parts breakdown and schematics it makes it a little interesting :slight_smile: