Mini fell from the sky

Drone crashed for no reason or maybe due the covid, survived with little damage on camera ,but still working. tried again at home and again lost power but camera on.

I got it replaced in the shop with new one, explanation, power board failure.
And today loosing contact all the time. I’m afraid it will crash again.

Hi Goran,

Many times this msg “GPS signal weak. Positioning accuracy affected. Fly with caution”
At the end no contact with the MM, so MM should return home.

Did it return to you in a RTH mode?


Is this your crash flight or one with a new mini? This record is dated September 14th. In either case, if you actually did take off in the middle of a forest, that is part of your issue. That would also explain signal loss.
Notice below as you climbed above the trees, your GPS signal improved greatly.

Thanks for considering my case.
That’s the old one, i notice cell 1 and 2 went to yellow numbers losing 0.3V.
The new one loosing signal around the house 20 m away, did slightly better in open area today, with other apps closed. I didn’t change frequency, guy in the shop told me ,never change from automatic to manual.
this is the new one

Yes it did come home, every time, and did exactly like you described.

Hi Goran,

You started this flight with zero GPS reception, ATTI/OPTI mode.
Visual was active so you did fly in OPTI mode.
After 13 secs HP was set, 4 bars for reception, just be carefull better wait for a GPS lock before starting to fly.

Have no idea about short loss of contact (9.3, 3.9, 4.5 and 3.6 secs) Are you sure it is not only the app? test this by given RC input, if MM reacts on that than there is still connection RC<>MM. Problem in your mobile device/app.


Thanks, I’ll try