Mini 4 Pro firmware 1.00.0300 released

New firmware has been released for the Mini 4 Pro. Here are the notable changes:

  • Added Auto mode for ActiveShots 360°
  • Added Vision Assist
  • Added Vision Positioning and Obstacle Sensing switch
  • Added 3x digital zoom for 12MP photo mode
  • Added support for taking five 48MP photos when using AEB and Burst Shooting
  • Added support for DJI Goggles 2, DJI Goggles Integra, and DJI RC Motion 2
  • Added support for civil uncrewed aircraft owners to register their aircraft with CAAC using their real names to comply with the uncrewed aircraft-related regulations in China
  • Added support for automatically activating the US Remote ID only when the aircraft is used with an Intelligent Flight Battery Plus

The full list of changes are available in the Mini 4 Pro release notes.