Mini 3

Hi,can any one help.

I have taken a number of panorama shots in jpeg+raw and just jpeg. Using my mini 3.

My problem is this the panorama folder on my SD card only holds individual shots , their is No stitched photo showing the complete picture I have to use a different application on my PC to stitch them together. Is this normal. Or is it a firmware issue?

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You should find the individual photos and a stitched photo – as shown in this video:

And this video covers common alternative options for viewing/stitching the photos:

Thank you for the very quick reply, very much appreciated.

I have checked the suggested video, and in my SD card their is only 1 folder named PANORAMA with the individual pictures and No stitched file. And 1 folder with the video files,their is No other file folders at All??

On my controller I have low Res panorama pictures that I can tap on and it will stitch them together to give me a very low Res panorama stitched picture. The controller is the one with the built-in screen.
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Did you find the stitched photo on the remote controller? It might be stored there since that is where the actual stitching is done.

Sorry took so long to answer back.
In my controller there is only the low res images for my panoramas ie 250 kb size. There is no High res images.
I have checked every file including the size of the files and their is Absolutely no stitched panoramas on the controller or on the SD card in the Mini 3.

I can only assume that it must be a firmware issue after shooting 20 different panoramas including Panorama: Sphere, 180°, Wide Angle.and no stitched shots.

Thank you again for your help.

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Perhaps. Maybe run it by DJI support to see what they think?

Thank you again for your help,it is greatly appreciated.
I will see what DJI support can do for me.

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Not sure if you have solved this already but the PANORAMA folder on the mSD card doesn’t contain the stitched pano file, only the images used to create the pano. The stitched pano is a JPG file and it is stored in the main DCIM folder on the mSD card, not with the images in the PANORAMA folder.

Hope this helps.