Mini 3 pro not connecting with DJI rc

I’m trying to update fly safe data and it gets to 40% and says update failed. Tried this many times. It gives a message that rc must be connected to aircraft. Try to connect as per instructions, but without success. A few times it has connected and shown camera view, but when I go back to update fly safe again, which is required, it says not connected to aircraft. Try to connect again and will not connect. Can anyone help please? Just bought this and haven’t flown it yet due to the above.

All Fly Safe updates are optional and are NOT REQUIRED.

My mini 3 pro could not connect to the RC Pro until I downloaded DJI Fly Assistant 2 and updated the firmware from my PC using the software. You have to download and install fly assist 2 then connect the drone via cable to your PC update it’s firmware then do the same for the RC Pro