Mini 3 Pro magic wand missing

Newbie here.

I’m going through some tutorials on the Mini 3 Pro and notice that after I create my Mastershots, there is no magic wand to creatively edit those collections.

Can someone help?


Can you share the link to the tutorial you’re referring to?

The Magic Wand feature starts around the 35:00 min mark.

Thanks for your help

35:37 to be exact when he talks about the “magic wand”

When selecting a video from your album in DJI Fly, you’ll only be able to edit it if it was created with MasterShots. If that’s the case, you’ll see the MasterShots icon in the bottom left of the video thumbnail like this:

That video you linked above is over a year old. In the current version of DJI Fly, the magic wand has been replaced with this “Create MasterShots” button:

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