Mini 3 Pro - Chipped the orange tip of one propeller. Can't replace it. Safe to fly?

Drone: Mini 3 Pro


I chipped the orange end of one of the propellers (pics attached). I tried to replace the propeller, but the screw seems to be stuck. I was able to remove other propellers but the screw for the chipped propeller is stuck and I am unable to remove it. I am travelling and I do not have proper tools to reinstall the chipped propeller. I tried removing it with the DJI provided screwdriver but the screwhead started to chip/strip.

At this point I can either try to tape/glue the orange tip of the propeller OR fly it with the chip - ONLY if it is safe to fly. I do not want to risk losing or damaging my drone.

Is it ok to fly the drone with the orange tip chipped?

Thank you.

There are several factors you need to consider. The prop hit something and besides chipping the tip, the prop might have sustained stress fractures that might not be visible and these fractures could crack the prop to bust in half at a very inopportune time (like at 400’, or while flying over a tree, or while flying over a body of water, or over a highway, etc…). The propellers spin an average of 5,000 RPM and can reach a max of 10,000 RPM and that is a lot of centrifugal force on a questionable prop.

Link to a posting I made previously about the Motor’s RPMs…

Then, in line with that thinking, that prop lost a piece of itself and at max RPM that can cause a lot of imbalance and the can possible cause issues with your drone…

So, assuming that you will replace it, replace both, as a pair. The propellers are constructed at different times and possibly at different locations and the formula for the rosin material might vary somewhat and that would also cause an imbalance.

You paid a lot for that drone, don’t lose it because you got cheap…

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I replaced all props as they all seemed slightly damaged. Test flight outdoors after replacing all props worked perfectly.

Edit: just realized you were replying to the post above although you quoted me.

I am so confused… Did you (@hawke) get notified that I linked what I wrote to you to this person’s chipped propeller. I wanted the OP to realize that an out of balance condition could happen and the reference to the motors RPMs seem like a good example…

Yep I got an email notification you quoted me and it wasn’t immediately clear from the notification it was someone else’s thread. My bad.

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