Mini 3 pro arm flex

Hallo, ther’s anyone who can help me?
it is normal for the right arm of the drone
to flex a little when I apply finger force in
this direction (See photo) above 1mm, the left arm no nothing

The front arms on my Mini 3 Pro have a small amount of flex compared to the rear arms but side to side is the same.

I was careless and took my first Mini3 Pro right down on top of a tree. The rear two arms snapped and made the rest of the flight really interesting for the next three seconds. : ) I think these arms are very fragile.

Just took my mini 3 out and yes i have small amount of play on front arms with a bit of pressure but no movement on the back arms with the same pressure ! Hope that helps. Pat

You will know if you flexed it too far by the distinctive snap of thin plastic.