Mini 3 Gimbal humming

My gimbal on my mini 3 is making a weird humming noise.

The drone is quite new and I haven’t had any accidents.

Grateful if someone could advise what the problem could be.

I tried calibrating the gimbal and it didn’t help.

This site doesn’t seem to allow us to post videos. So here is a link to the a video of the issue.

Any idea why your gimbal is attempting to force itself to point straight down? It normally does its best to point forward no matter which direction the drone is facing.

No idea

Have you resolved this problem? … it’s been a month. Anyway, looking at the video shows it probably is an electronic problem with the gimbal always pointing down. I’d replace the drone if it were me.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to DJI repair where I am located so h need to wait until I travel. The drone is only 4months old so I assume it will be covered under warranty. DJI offers a 12months warranty if I am not mistaken.

You have the receipt? I’d just return it to where it was bought.

It was bought in Germany but i have no plans to return there in the near future. I have the receipt. I will probably be in Italy in July so my plan is to get it fixed then.