mini 3 automatic launch problem

Why won’t my mini 3 continue to hover after hitting the automatic launch function? It takes off hovers for a second then the propellers stop, and the drone flips over on itself and crashes to the ground.

Can you share a TXT flight log where this occurred? You can upload the TXT flight log file here and then share the link to that webpage here.

Hello, I just had the same issue happen to me, unfortunately over water. I had a mini SE for 4 years with over 300 flights all over the world and a few days ago I got a new mini 3 and was excited to use it. I fly used the automatic start button and i pushed a little bit forward as, as soon as it reached its take off altitude the propellers just stopped abruptly, all of them and it fell into water. I uloaded the txt file, I also have the dat dile available. DJI Flight Log Viewer -

Thanks for that sample flight log @Widla!

The last line of that log shows the motors stopped because the “ESC stalled near ground”. I don’t see anything else unusual in that flight log.

I was only able to find a few other cases of this by googling "ESC stalled near ground". It appears those drones were either replaced under warranty by DJI or replaced by the owner if out of warranty. Also, it seems the issue was intermittent.

Thanks a lot for your inquiry, I purchased through a retailer so I will contact them and mention this issue. There really was nothing out of the ordinary about the take off and I had a bunch of witnesses who saw it, it was strange really. I hope they will be understading :confused:

Dji replaced mine. It took a few weeks, but in the end, they owned the responsibility. Scary feeling having that much money in the air though. I have the care refresh insurance, but they did not even make me use it. All in all, I give their customer 4 stars the only reason I didn’t give a 5-star review was the length of time it took them to render an outcome.


I hope the situation will end up good too, the only problem is that i bought it from a retailer not directly from DJI :frowning: so thats where the issue will lie most likely, but let’s see! thanks everyone for the feedback

DJI should still help if your warranty has not expired.