Mini 2 video has grain, blur

HI. I have a mini 2.

Today I went to shoot video with mini 2. I see objects are not detaled rather blurry I think. The grass looks blurry, leafs looks blurry. In the first video there is electric pole on the frame (at top right) which was getting distorted (kind of flicker) while I was taking a dolly shot and also you will see wires of electric poles has odd shape. On the second shot drone in a differnt palce see how the grass and leafs looks blurry, a lots of grains (but get redused a a lot after export from a video editor) but see the white dress of a subject which shows glares, blurry. Both the time I used 30 frame per second and 4K and I used cine mode and default video setings. I some drone shots few months ago with this same drone and that time I did not have such grain, blur issue. So I am thinking if this is a new camera issue. Also in the before the secnd shot i had a crash, the drone fan hit my finger and fell on soft grass and gimle look fine. ALso, Raw 4K 30 fps palyed

I read on forum people asking to reduce 4K to 2.7K and use shutter speed of 1/60 if I use frame rate of 30. I tried to do it but I see in some occation I need different shutter speed to have less exposure. Also, I feel like, why I have to go to manual settings for decent video quality, My 4K mobile camera does not give me such pain. I am not expert drone guy. Just a casual drone user uses drone once in a month for a few drone shots.

Any suggestion to get rid of these grains, low quality? please help. I am super frustrated. I have spark I bought mini 2 for better video quality. Thank you.

Thank you.

I saw a lot of stuttering of the video. My first question is where are you editing the video?

I cannot edit the 4K video with the DJI Fly App Editor because it is running on an older Galaxy Tab S2 and the processor cannot handle the data. I tried dumping the data from the MicroSD card into my desktop computer, but it is also too slow to handle that much data, so I only shoot in 2.7K.

Perhaps your device is just too slow and drops frames to compensate.

That’s all I’ve got, perhaps others can offer more advice, Good Luck!

The video is 10 min long and I am just cutting to 18 seconds and no other editing. the raw file has even more flicker and when I export though the video editor file, it has less flicker.

OK, one more try as I am probably out of my depth, are you using a “low quality” MicroSD Card? Your Mini 2 dumps data at 100 Mbps from the camera to the MicroSD Card. If your card is not rated for this much data, the frames will be dropped in the recording. That’s it, that is all I’ve got…

Hi. Thanks for replying. I found I am using this card.

SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - 98MB/s

it is 98mb/s.

I am using the same MicroSD Card and it’s more than adequate, the 100 MBPS is the max the Mini 2 sends, so that should not be a problem. My mini 2 is from Costco, is your’s? The first one I bought, the camera videos had a GREEN Line across the bottom and I took it back to Costco. They do not do exchanges, I had to return mine, they immediately credited my Costco card and I bought another one. It was great, right up to the point I put it into a tree, it fell to earth and a truck ran over it… I had the DJI Care Refresh and they replaced it for the $49 deductible. But they have no coverage for the MicroSD Card. The truck crushed that too, it did not look damaged, no cracks or scratches, just did not work. As it turns out, SanDisk has a Lifetime Warrantee on their MicroSD Cards, and they replaced the Card for FREE, something to keep in mind…

You did not say how long you’ve had the Mini 2, But since I’ve got nothing else to offer but if you did get it from Costco, they offer a No-Excuse Return Policy and maybe your’s also has an issue, as Great as DJI Drones are, they are very sophisticated, that means there are more things to go wrong…

Since this is already gone long, I might as well tell you it all. The Brand New Replacement Drone that DJI sent me, had a circuit board issue that gave me Error messages almost every time I tried to fly it. DJI was very apologetic about sending a bad drone that when they sent me the second one (No Charge…) they also sent a set of spare propellers, and a Free Credit for a New Battery from the DJI Store (Free Shipping…). The Costco Mini 2 came with two batteries and then I received the free third one. I then ordered the DJI Charging Hub from EBay, believe me, the hub is worth it…

Any case, the moral of the story is, you could have a Bad Bird…

PS: I am also active on two other Web Boards,

And since I can’t seem to get off the keyboard…

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini 2. You will also find the 75-page User’s Manual, in case your Drone did not come with one. The User Manuals are published in different languages.

After you read the Manual, read it again, you will be surprised what you missed the first time and you will be better prepared for that first “scary moment…”

Happy and Safe Droning…

No one reply in Dji forum for 3 days. I had to bump my post.

I have mini 2 for around 4 months. First time I flew and the raw footage has very little grain. But second time i was flying, it had very much noticeable grain.

I will email dji support with the actual video to over confirm, if this is their quality for video.

I am shocked how drone videos on youtube has very pristine, sharp, detained structure of any object on video but why my mini 2 does not has?


I’ve had relatively good support when requesting information in the DJI Forum. Try PM’ing DJI Stephen, he is the super moderator or the Aerial Photography section.