Mini 2 sensor camera

Hello! I’m new in the forum and in the drone community.
I have a DJI Mini 2 with a particle/stain, I think, in the sensor. I’ve all ready clean the gimball in the outside.
In the official service they told me that if the stain is in the sensor they replace the gimball completely.
Does anybody know a tutorial for dissemble the gimball and clean the sensor? Is that possible?
Many thanks!

If your Drone is under warranty and you do this yourself you will void the warranty. If it’s not under warranty it might be smarter to just pay DJI to fix it. What you are suggesting is like “brain surgery”… You mess-up, your Drone is dead…

Thanks for the reply LoudThunder!
The warranty it’s void. You think if I try to clean it my self and goes wrong the whole drone is dead or just the gimball?

When you write clean, I do not know how “deep” as in disassembling the gimbal you plan on doing. I do not know how the DJI firmware works. I know that if you. Forget to remove the camera/gimbal guard/cover, the drone will still fly. I recommend having DJI fix it, but I’m not you and you may jave more skills and knowledge than me… Good Luck!

Ok I get it. There are more things that could go wrong that I think.
I’ll go for the DJI service then. Thanks alot!