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Mini 2 loss and disconnect

Hi I had situation where I lost my Mini 2 . Not sure if it was my fault or some errors in the unit as lost some GPS and despite my stick input im sure it did not fly ahead and to the right I was flying straight . Quad hit wall and dropped was only at 10m but had disconnect then which was strange as battery unlikely to come out . Disconnect was before it hit wherever as despite my friend looking for this abs it was only 300 feet away it can’t be found in industrial area.

It would be appreciated if someone can take a look at the log

DJIFlightRecord_2021-05-30_[20-37-26].txt (314.5 KB)

I had same problem as yours. After updating my Mavik I had a fly just 20 meter, no restricted area, no fail fly, just same as 100 times before but it disconnected and lost. I did send many emails to DJI and send them all the reports but they did not accept that the problem was from their side and DJI closed my file and told me to buy a new one.
This is why I will never try DJI because they have worst support.


Had a look at your flightdata, see the chart ; pitch and roll angles in specific.

To me it looks like you hit something, after that impact things goes wrong.


if you want help, upload your flightlog.


Yes it clipped wall but I was putting on full roll there to stop it and it didn’t . Strange thing it when it dropped after that it disconnected before it dropped to ground and find it difficult for battery to pop out.I have a position of flight log but due to flaky GPS it could be out

Indeed your roll right (only short moment from null to max 75% to null) had less effect on the flypath. According to GPS data your foward speed was approx 13 ft/s

Speed in the log and GPS calculated speed differs a lot, so software had some difficulties to get a correct speed in the log.

Last position only 221 feet away, LatLon = 53.420736, -2.999251


There was significant drop in GPS to 3 abs then back and i don’t think I was putting in any right roll then moving forward at least not a significant amount of right stick. It looked to drift when going in so put on left roll to correct but then it was drifting more and message later on after impact is that it doesn’t know if the VPS height is correct compared to GPS. From the reading would you say done flight controller issue ?

Haven’t taken a look at your Data as of yet, however as @JJB suggested you need to upload the flight log for additional assistance. Or better yet upload to Airdata and share that or upload to this link and share a link back here.
Not sure how @JJB extracted the data that was there in the posted link, Evereything that I use shows no data, as if the file was encrypted.

DJI have analysed this and determined it was fault on unit and are replacing it and battery under warranty. I did have refresh flyaway but they are warranty replacing it . The VPS error and inconsistencies in software GPS could be the reason