Mini 2 LEDs blinking after replacing ESC board

Hi all,

My Mini 2 fell into the water while reversing. After cleaning and week of drying it didn’t respond. Then I found damage on the ESC board and replaced it.

Now it still won’t turn on, but the LEDs blinking when connecting to the charger - 8 times LEDs 1 and 2, then 3 times LED 4 (

Could someone help me?

Thank you

Per the Mini 2 manual, that’s indicating the charging temperature is too high.

It sounds like that wasn’t the only cause of your issues then. If you’re not familiar with repairing hardware on the Mini 2, then you should probably contact DJI or a repair shop for help.

I would suggest you post your video on the DJI Forum

Cross posting issues like this across all DJI drone forums would be a good idea. Unfortunately, there aren’t many DJI hardware experts participating in forums. If these are the only details available, I’m not sure @errno is going to find a helpful solution.

Speaking of Cross Posting, I just realized why your Avatar is familiar; like you I am also cross posting, saw you on MP…

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Thanks for your reply.

I looked in the manual too, but the strange thing is that the behavior is the same even without the battery.

Thank you for your message.

I tried that first, but the only thing the administrator wrote back to me was:

Hello, there. Sorry for your inconvenience. Since you have repaired the aircraft on your own before, we would recommend you send it back for further verification or repair. Here is the link: Support - DJI

Unfortunately, the Mini 2 is relatively cheap now and it is not worth sending it to the DJI Service :frowning:. That’s why I tried it myself.

Still $439 at Costco with an extra battery and a 32 GB MicroSD Card and Case. If you buy here or actually anywhere, I would not recommend any other Insurance policy except the Care Refresh by DJI, they are the only one with the Fly away clause and they do not try to rebuild your wreck Drone…

I agree with you … Care Refresh and nothing more. Thank you :slight_smile:.