Mini 2 dropped with no input

Haha……yes….a splash down and a trip about 15 feet down to the ocean floor. I did not really care about the home point since I was flying from the back of a moving boat anyway - something I have done 100 times. I just never experienced the drone just falling out of the sky.

Understand about the home point, however you should have waited for GPS lock at least. Just hover manually near the boat as opposed to what was apparent by data only. Like I said “inconclusive” as to
why the aircraft kept descending after the very brief throttle down. There was no “forced landing” indicated and as such No reason that I can see as to why. I certainly wish they would include motor speeds in the .txt files as opposed to the mobile .dat and aircraft .dat. But that’s the way it is.

Thanks for taking a look.

So, you don’t really care about the home point, well I guess that drone showed you…

What I’m getting at is even if you cannot have a stationary home point because you are in a moving boat, you should at least reset the Home Point as the boat travels, every couple of minutes? This way, if you lose signal the drone does not travel back a long distance to where you were at the beginning of the flight, maybe 25-minutes ago, but rather than where you were 2-minutes ago…

Then there is the option to have your drone land in the water or hover with a RTH option. From the remark you wrote earlier, I’m guessing you left the drone to set it’s own Home Point wherever it was and you left the RTH Setting to Land rather than hover and that’s probably what your drone did; Return to Home and landed in the water….

RTH never initiated. Otherwise it would have shown in the data. No, "Autoland " or “Forced Landing” sequence either. The reason for the aircraft descent is not clear. There was only one quick throttle adjustment prior to the descent. It wasn’t long enough to have much effect.

Correct — pretty short flight and just took a dive - I was trying to film some stand up paddle boarders.