Mini 2 dropped out of the sky

Hello ive been looking round trying to find advice on what happened to my drone which no joy so i thought id ask.
A week or so ago I was flying along quite happily then i get a message “gps signal low” about 3 seconds later i got a “motor error check propeller fly with caution” and before i could even finish reading that, the drone took a nose dive flipped completely upside-down and started spinning wildly ultimately crashing hard!
I took about 2 hours to find it and the news wasnt good!
Gimble broke, arm broke, 3 blades snapped off, the top cover scratched to hell (it came down on a house roof) and the battery got ejected tearing the battery door off and ive yet to find the battery!
So ive spend the last week or so putting it back together with parts from various sources and the good news is it flys again!
However ive lost all confidence in flying at altitude!
Is there anyway to find what happened or even diagnose which motor had the error?

And you didn’t need to replace any of the motors to repair it?

You’d likely need the motor data from the DAT flight log to be certain. DJI support should be able to assist you with that.

As @msinger wrote, you will need the DAT File to be analysis; as for me, I’m just shooting from the hip, but I am guessing that you were flying with marginal GPS signal and you got a motor “burp” (perhaps a short in the wiring, an electronic glitch, etc…), but from the way your video displays, a motor stopped or a “Propeller broke off”. However, you did receive that motor error message so I do not think it was a prop breakage that instigated this. It’s just that the way your drone responded it is the same way my first drone (not a DJI…) responded when I was flying about 20’ off the ground across the field in front of me and it suddenly went into that spazo, flip-flopping, only to crash. An analysis showed that a power wire to one of the motors came loose and a quad-copter needs four motors… Fixed the loose wire, replaced a few props and it was good as new…

Good Luck with yours…

I was flying arround where i live and usually theres 13+ satellites !never had a low gps signal around here before!
Incidentally i found it about 200 metres away from where the dji app said it was! But the video looks like power was lost before it hit the ground (g force from the spin forced the battery out?) So maybe it had some forward momentum?
No ive not replaced any electrical all the damage was structural!
How do i get the dat file?

Im actually surprised how well it took it because according to the flight log it was at 84 meters when it flipped and it bounced off a house roof

It’s on your drone. You’ll need to contact DJI support for help since DAT flight logs can only be decrypted by DJI.

There are 2 .DAT files. One on the Mini 2 and one on the controller. Both are encrypted so only DJI can read them. You’ll need DJI to tell you which .DAT to provide. They should be able to tell you how to retrieve the .DAT.

That said it’s not a given that DJI will analyze the .DAT.

I suggest that you provide the .txt log file, submit it to the Phantom Help Log Viewer and then provide a link.
There are instructions on that site about retrieving the .txt log file.

It’s often possible to determine which motor/prop lost propulsion using attitude data found in the .txt

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