Mini 2 Connection Issues

Hi guys

I am having issues with my Mini 2 which won’t connect.

When switching on I have led 1 and 4 blinking and the red indicator flashing.

This keeps on happening, for hours and then all of the sudden it stops and it lets me fly once, and then next time it starts again.

Your description is a bit brief and your photo seems to show more than one problem may exists…

Download the User Manual…

And review the two sections, Intelligent Flight Battery, Page 21, and all it entails… And Aircraft Status Indicator, page 12, and all it entails.

Do you only have one battery, or several. Does it only happen with this one battery or all of them. What happens if you remove the battery, and replace it.

When it is doing this, can you turn it off, Press once and then Press and Hold…

In addition to above, do you see any error messages in DJI Fly?