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Mini 2 and Txt files

I loaded a flight record, from my Mini 2, into the Flight Log Viewer just as I am used to doing with my Mavic Pro. The result was very strange.
Is there any way I can get some sensible results? I am unable to use CSView as I am using a Mac.

I tried to upload a screen shot to give some idea of what I saw in the viewer but could not see how to do that.
Here is a sample:
Time Altitude Speed Battery voltage
87 min 3748 ft -117 mph 173.248

The flights were perfectly normal with no screen messages.
The log shows
RTH Preascending Forbin. RTH Ascending to RTH not enough satellites (there were 16+)
RTH Backing up to avoid obstacle, other (8)

Try loading the Device .dat file. Not sure if the Mini 2 is encrypted @BudWalker but you can try that.

Unfortunately, The MM2 device .DAT is also encrypted.

@Ramblingsheep can you attach the flight log here so we can try it?

Here are 4 flight logs from the same session. When I tried to upload I could either see nothing on the screen or the way out information as I showed in my post.
Many thanks for looking into this

DJIFlightRecord_2021-02-22_[14-50-54].txt (3.4 MB) DJIFlightRecord_2021-02-22_[14-40-13].txt (1.7 MB) DJIFlightRecord_2021-02-22_[14-30-45].txt (219.2 KB) DJIFlightRecord_2021-02-22_[14-20-55].txt (973.7 KB)

That’s because they were created with a version of DJI Fly that encrypts the flight logs. You can view them at

OK thanks. Not very friendly of DJI but I’ll try Airdata.