Max height and max distance do not work

Recently I cannot fly higher with my DJI mini 2 than 50 meters while I have it set to 120 meters.(allowed in our country) Also the max radius is limited to about 25 meters while I have it set to 200 meters. I then hear the warning that the distance limit has been reached.
I have tried this at several places in the Netherlands with the same result.
Does anyone know how I can change this?
Thank you very much.

Does the drone have a beginner mode? If it does it will do what it does.

I am a Mini 2 flyer and I am in the USA so I do not know if the software (DJI Fly App) does anything different in the Netherlands. But I’ve heard nothing about a “Beginner’s Level”

Here is a DJI Link to their “DJI Flying Tips in the Netherlands”

Nest, I suggest you log onto the DJI Forum Web site and they have DJI Specialists who might be able to help you…

I also suggest you Google Search for Drone (hopefully DJI Specific) Web Sites in the Netherlands. This way you might have better luck contacting a fellow Dutch Flyers.

Finally, go to YouTube and search “DJI + Netherlands” to see a whole lot of videos by Dutch flyers. You can often contact them through the YouTube Comments and some even post their email addresses…

Good Luck…