Max. flight attitude drone in the mountans

I have a DJI mini 2 drone. Have set the max altitude to 120 meters.
Now I am in the mountains on a beautiful plateau. Down deep in the valley I see a little nice village. I want to take a shot of that, but is this possible? Where I am standing I can go to 120 meters altitude with my drone but towards the valley the distance to ground level becomes a lot more. How will my drone react to this?

That means the drone will not be able to fly more than 120 meters over top of the takeoff point.

It could descend an unlimited number of meters. Once it descends below the plateau (the takeoff point), the altitude will start to show a negative value.

Thank you very much for your help.
Can now fly my drone in the mountains with a safer feeling.
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The “base mark altitude” for your drone is it’s take off location. The Drone does not care what the actual altitude is nor does it care if it’s on Mt Everest (at just under 8,800 meters above sea level) or at the Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel, 431 meters below sea level.

The limiting factor is the max altitude as advertised by DJI at 4,000 meters (it is not obvious if this limitation is hardware related where the propellers will not get enough lift so this would be above sea level altitude or if it is a firmware limitation that prevents the drone from flying higher than that in the App or the Controller and this limitation would be related to its takeoff location)

So, since DJI assumes the take off point is Zero (0) Altitude and you fly straight out towards your village in the valley, you may be hundreds or even thousands of feet above the village by the time you reach it. If you use FPV, viewing through the camera and maintain the apparent same altitude, you would be dropping in altitude and your altitude in the App will indicate a Negative Altitude.

IF you take off in that village in the valley and try to fly straight to the location you indicated in your write-up, you will fly into the ground (or trees, bushes, or whatever is growing in the valley).

A simple test is for you to take your drone and place your drone at a higher location than the nearby ground, like on a second story balcony or deck, and then fly down to the ground.

A YouTuber, Idaho Quadcopter, often flies at a park overlooking the Snake River Gorge and he has flown over the edge and down into the gorge and remarked about the negative altitude indicated…

Thank you very much for this clear information.
Now I can fly my drone in the mountains with a safe felling.