Mavic Pro veering to the right

I need help with my new Mavic Pro. It has a severe issue with veering to the right at full throttle in P-mode.

So, here is a log to my first flight this morning when testing this. Severe veering to the right when at full throttle in P-mode.

This is the text file… … G-/view?usp=sharing

This is the DAT file.

Basically, any time the craft is flying in a long straight line on the map, it veers right.

Any help?

I tried recalibrating everything; IMU, compass and controller but it hasn’t help.

The following video is from about 2mins into the above flight. The trees were hardly moving so there can’t have been that much wind. I had the crosshairs centered dead on the large tree and it the veering was quite substantial at only 12m in height. The craft was virtually flying diagonally. You also see that when I stop the craft shifts to the right slightly. Could this just be wind or it is something to consider returning the Mavic back about?

This link is broken. Please upload your TXT flight log here and post the link back here.

Like this?

It would be more helpful to have the actual TXT file. Please either upload it here and post the link back here or attach the TXT file here.

Do you mean like this?

That’ll work. Thanks!

Here’s that log uploaded to my log viewer:

I’ll dig into this and get back to you.

Thank you very much!

Here are a few things I can see in your flight log:

  • You’re only moving the elevator stick during that period of time (meaning you’re not commanding the Mavic in that direction)
  • The log shows the Mavic is rolling slightly at the points where it’s moving toward the right (which would explain why it’s moving sideways)
  • At the end of that stretch where the remote controller sticks are back in the center and the Mavic is not moving, the pitch and roll are not close to 0 (an indicator of light wind)

Can you try a new test where you flight straight in one direction (like you did above). And then turn around and flight straight back in the opposite direction. That will at least confirm whether or not your Mavic is really always veering toward the right.

I’ll get on that and get back to you as soon as possible. It may be a day or so as it is now currently raining. Thank you so much!

No problem. Please post your new TXT flight log after you’re able to perform that test flight.

Right, miraculously the sun is out. Here is the log…


For some reason I can no longer post a direct link to my google drive anymore. Replace the (dot) in brackets with .

Got it. Thanks!

Here’s a working link:

Here’s the uploaded flight log:

Thank you!

Well, that certainly looks like a compass with a flawed calibration. The magYaw/Yaw separation is heading dependent. The maxima are correlated with SE to S headings and the minima are correlated with N to NE headings

The gradually increasing magYaw/Yaw may be due to the FC attempting to correct the Yaw with the magYaw.

What do you think @sar104 ?

It would be really interesting for you to calibrate the compass at a better location, like where you did this test. Then without powering down do this same test.

Is there anymore to be said about the last compass calibration besides the location? Did it complete normally?

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As far as I’m aware the last calibration completed successfully. I will try it in the middle of the field where I did this test.

The last compass calibration was performed at another location, away from any source of metal. It was away on a track through some farmland a good kilometre or two away from where I normally do them.

Could the train line running past my house have anything to do with this? It has overhead power lines.

I will complete another calibration soon and let you know, perhaps I’ll take it to the local football pitch and do it there. As soon I get it done I’ll post here. Hopefully tomorrow, but if not I’ll get it done this weekend whether permitting.


Okay guys, went out and did as requested this morning…

…again with the replacing (dot) with .

Went out in to the field where the other test was performed. Calibrated the compass and without turning off the craft did 3x 10 second turns.

Hope this was correct and we can finally get to the bottom of this. If not, I’ve decided to send the craft in on its warranty on Monday. Which means, that I’ll be without my drone for at least 2 week to a month. Very disappointing as this is my first proper drone and first experience with DJI. It’s a shame, the craft is otherwise superb and I can see it’s extreme potential for my photography and filming. So, lets hope it doesn’t come to that. Fingers crossed.

In addition. I took it for a quick test flight after the calibration and test. I had turned the device off to set up my takeoff point, but still had the same issue. Here are the files of the test flight…

Flight Log

DAT log

I did several back and forth flights in different directions, sometimes the veer was more, sometimes less.

also @msinger

Just my 2cents
…but testing next to an electrified train track is going to affect s’thing in 1 way or another, I would’ve thought!

Oh! bit late to the party…noob err