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Mavic Pro sadly lost

Please help me out with this situation. Yesterday in perfect whether condition, only 194 m away from me, 112 m high, at 59% level of battery (I have 3 batterys to avoid low battery power), with RTH settings on (worked perfectly couple of times) I suddenly lost connection with the drone getting a few notifications on the controller and in 10 seconds it was gone from the screen. The video it made is some how corrupt, I can’t open it with anything. It’s very much looks like a battery failure. I can’t find it so I’m hartbroke because I was saving up for it over a year. I’m a big fan of DJI already had Phanton 2 and Phantom 3 so I’m not a beginner. I really hoping to get an appropriate support from you as I’m even even using for work and has over 2000 followers on Instagram due to my drone work.

last moments on map:

. txt:

. DAT:


Thank you in advance, please help me if you can.