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Mavic Pro Platinum flyaway

Hello all,

hopefully, someone can review my flight logs and advise what could have happened here?

Date and time of the incident:23/05/2020 at 14:35 pm

i went out to run a waypoint mission with the intention of completing 3/4 waypoints around 500 meters

Launched the drone and selected 3 waypoints, after the last waypoint noticed drone drifting further away, Brought height down to 60 feet and initiated RTH, Drone struggled to return against winds. Eventually lost signal with the battery at 14%.

Activated find my drone, went to the location identified on the map but despite thorough search could not recover the drone

Links to flight records below:

Here is the link to your flight.

That said, I think you answered your own question in your description. It was far too windy to even consider flying safely. The aircraft was almost stationary at the last log entry. Assuming that the aircraft did not drift far while attempting RTH, it would have autolanded possibly on one of the house roofs or in the general vacinity.