mavic pro issues

not sure if there is thread on this so i apologize if there is i could not find it.

I have a Mavic pro I’ve had it for about a year and it’s been working just fine I fly just about in the same area all the time I have great signal’s and GPS is showing about 13 or more satellites.

I am getting some errors out of the blue and it loses GPS and I barely lost it. What is saying is check app, and then I get a compass air that tells me to calibrate. Before I fly I always check that everything is calibrated and in proper order I don’t understand why while I’m flying I get error messages saying strong interference check app and calibrate compas however firmware is current and i don’t want to lose this again

Can you share one of the TXT flight logs that contains these messages? You can find instructions for locating your flight logs here.

I have the txt file how do I attach it here?

Upload the TXT file here. After uploading your log, you’ll be taken to a page where you can view the log data. Copy the URL for that page and paste it here.

how is that?

would I be able to see this data if I didn’t recover my drone? the go app did not show all this it was missing the last couple minutes of data and didn’t show the location where it landed

Definitely a problem. Flight was normal until 778 secs when the IMU calculated velocities started disagreeing with the GPS derived velocities.

Looking at the path it almost seems like the IMU stopped updating values. Just a guess.

We’ll need the .DAT to know more. Can we start with the tablet .DAT? Look here to see how to do retrieve it. The .DAT we want ends with FLY069.DAT.

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Yes. As long as you fly with DJI GO, the TXT and DAT flight logs will be created on your mobile device each time you fly.

it’s weird only a portion showed up on my go app but when i downloaded the file like you said it showed the final location of where it landed

do i need to attach the same way as i did with the flight log?

Follow these instructions to locate the DAT file on your mobile device. Then, either attach the DAT file here or upload it to a file sharing site (like and post the download link here.

The .DAT can be found here
As I mentioned in post # 8 time 778 secs the IMU velocities started not matching the velocities derived by differentiating the GPS positions. Usually this is caused by either the incorrect compass data or incorrect IMU (gyro or accelerometer) data. In this case it seems to be caused by the FC not computing the IMU velocities correctly.

The top plot shows the computed velocities and the bottom plot shows the accelerometer data.

Note the odd saw toothed velocities with no corresponding acclelerometer data that would cause it. Further note that the velocities are anchored at 0.0. This suggests to me a computation that keeps resetting.

The eventLog stream is a bit strange as it has many, many entries that look like
778.198 : 43078 [L-CFG]can’t find var in opentable when read, hash: 0
But, I think it’s not related since those entries occurred throughout the flight.

My advice? You could try doing a factory reset or refresh the FW. I’m not too hopeful that will help. Maybe you should consider sending it to DJI repair.

What do you think @sar104 ?

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Another thing you might try is to calibrate the IMU. This was suggested by @sar104 for an incident that has some similarities to your Mavic.

thanks i will try that. I just refreshed the fw too! i am just scared that it might happen again and it won’t be recovered i wish there was a solid answer as to if there is a failure somewhere with the drone.

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