Mavic Pro Crash

HI everyone,

My drone just crushed. Take off was ok, no wind, no warnings at all. Then it suddenly lost control, started spinning around itself and crushed.
Here is the log

Any ideas what could cause it? Thank you.

This one is pretty straight forward it appears. Compass errors all over starting at 26 seconds. Judging from your takeoff location it was a terrible place to do so. Metallic objects all around you. That will cause compass errors and FC confusion every time. And there were speed errors and compass error warnings that you must have ignored. No need to look further than that.

But I didn’t see any warnings on the screen. Also, there was a monopole with a bunch of cell antennas on it. Could it interfere drone’s compass? But it wasn’t first flight around antennas, actually this is the prime purpose this one is used for, to inspect antennas. Everything was fine before

Where did you calibrate the compass? Not in this area hopefully.

No, of course

You began spinning around 24sec…The errors began approximately 2 seconds later. By then the aircraft was basically out of control due to the compass issue. I am still betting that it was the metal around you that cause the error. Antenna’s generally do not cause this, transmission wise, however if you are close enough to them it could possibly do so.

Yes, I see. Thank you. Will try to avoid metal objects next time.
Just need to fix this guy now

No problem, Good Luck. Happy Holiday’s and Merry Christmas.

You too, Thanks!

IMHO this incident was probably caused by loss of propulsion in the left back motor. Either a broken prop or motor issue. At the onset the Mavic Pro pitched up and rolled CW which is consistent with loss of left back propulsion.

I don’t see any of the usual indicators that Yaw was compromised due to a compass problem.

If you want to know more we’ll need the .DAT.

Thanks for the links,
I’ll try to pull that .dat file tomorrow and upload it

OK. BTW, Pitch up and roll CW is consistent with a rightBack propulsion issue not leftBack as I stated earlier. Let’s take a look at the .DAT

Ok, I got that .dat file using the second link. How I can open it?

Is that what you mean? Right back’s speed is significantly higher

Yes, and you can also see that there is a current drop. This means the prop was lost or broken.

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Yes, but still strange. I check props before installing them

Was the rightBack prop broken when you retrieved the MP?