Mavic pro crash

something happened with the drone and it crashed. 30% battery dryed with 3 minutes and it crashed. It was first when something like this happened. Please help, i want to know what happened. Maybe there is opportunity for warranty.
Flight log: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

Here’s a link to your uploaded flight log:

At 10m 40.7s into the flight, the battery reached the low level and the Mavic started returning back to the home point. It looks like the wind was too strong for it to make it back in time.

At 12m 2.7s, the battery reached the critically low level and the Mavic started to auto land at its current location. While it was auto landing, you continued to fly it toward the home point. Since it was descending while flying toward your location, it eventually crashed into the hill below the takeoff location.

You could try contacting DJI Support for help, but they will likely not cover this under warranty since it seems to be a case of pilot error.

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As msinger mentioned, there most likely will be no warranty. There was nothing wrong with the aircraft. It was performing as designed to do. Quite clearly this is nothing more than pilot error, unfortunately. As the aircraft was descending for autolanding, from the data, it appears like it clipped the tree tops and tumbled down over 100 meters further before the data ended. Below is the impact point data and the additional 100 meter drop from the tree’s.