Mavic Pro Crash help !

Using Wifi, ActiveTrack in the Bolivian jungle- the phone/app was on a log while I was getting setup to cast while fly-fishing. Initial issue and the drone returned to home, a minute later setup active track again and the drone flew up and backwards into the jungle. Luckily the natives and other fisherman were watching and saw it go up and backwards. All the obstacle collisions were/are on, Return to Home for loss of signal, etc…

flight record file is here:
or Phantom Help:

Unfortunately, the Mavic Pro has no backward obstacle avoidance sensors. It looks like you were just a little too close to the trees that were behind the Mavic.

The mavic and home point were at least 20-30 ft from the trees, I was in the river - why would the drone fly backwards?

Really hard to tell from the Device data. If you can retrieve the .dat file from the aircraft that may provide a better answer for you. ( Link posted below with instructions ). Also, 20-30 feet is a lot closer than you think. Always give at least 50+ feet for GPS variances in accuracy. If you are able to retrieve the .dat file, post a link to that back here and more than one of us surely will have a look at it for you.

Retrieve a aircraft .dat file

Maybe it was having trouble identifying the target? The DAT flight log might have some more details. If you upload it to a file sharing site (like Dropbox) and post a link back here, we can see if it contains anything useful.

thanks much for all the help ! there are 2 dat files for that date, so including them both…let me know if this is the right .dat file

These are not proper .dat files. Did they come from the aircraft or tablet?

from the app, those are from the Flight Log folder, .dat files from that day. Can you be more specific of the flight log folder ? I don’t own a PC, just Mac - couldn’t get them any other way (that I know of)

The actual aircraft .dat files. They are on the aircraft itself. See this link for retrieval.