OK Guys and Gals…After a little crash, from about 10 ft. …T camera took the hit…I replaced the flat cable, the video cable, and when tested, I now have a bad picture on the video feed that is scrambled with red lines jumping all over the screen…I then replaced the camera, made no difference…Its not the tablet cause I switched to my phone and it does the same thing…Anybody have and suggestions???

Several things. May or may not help.
Different sd card. Reformat the card that was there.
Gimbal calibration. Re update the ac? Just had my p4p plus that was fine yesterday, turned it on today and the camera was acting up. Updated the firmware and all better. Bugs be bugs!

Thanks for getting back…Don’t know if it makes a difference, but I said I was getting no video…Maybe I should have said all I am getting is a black screen…To add some more, I did do gimbal calibration, moves fine, no change also did sd format, no change…What do you mean, update ac? Thanks

Try updating or refreshing the firmware on the aircraft.