Mavic Pro 2 Crash Landed in Water - Help will log file?

Hi All:

New to the site here. Have (well… had) a Mavic 2 Pro that I lost recently in a lake. I am looking for help to decipher what went wrong. I did download the txt and log files from our Ipad. I was also filming at the time. So there is some good data available.

Bottom line is that it entered a decent and also was warning of obstacles above (there were none). It impacted the surface as was lost (sunk) in about 40 ft of water.

Looking for someone you could ascertain if it was an operator error or a machine error, or maybe both here.

Anyone know of a resource that might help in this regard?

Larry S.

Check out your TXT flight log to see if it explains what happened. You can upload and view it online here. If you’d like other people to review and comment on your flight log, then please post a link back here after you upload it.

Here is one of the files, but doesnt show much. The CSV has more info however

Unfortunately at quick glance, this appears to be pilot error. @165.7 seconds you were only ~2m in altitude. You issued a full down throttle and a full reverse elevator. The VPS appeared to be off slightly, however you must consider this was over water so all bets are off in that respect. The combination of the elevator and throttle at such low altitude over water is not a good idea and was most likely the contributing factor. If you could share the video, that could help as well to make a more definative answer for you.

At the very end of the flight log, the motors stopped due to an “ESC_StallNearGround” error. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe run it by DJI Support.

That is the very last entry in the log. I suspect that error is due to the water impact. Just a guess.

Not sure. It seemed to occur well after the impact, so it’s likely not going to be relevant anyhow.

@LSaupe, when did you see the aircraft entering a descent? Per the data from your log, it looks like a controlled flight into the surface of the water.

Correct, approx 2 seconds. It is difficult to determine the actual impact point from the data available, but I am also taking a guess that is is someplace in the “Impact” area here. The pitch angles would normally be more severe from what I have previously seen, but none the less it still appears to be related to the elevator and throttle commands at such a low altitude that actually caused the incident in question. It would be nice to have the accellerometer data.

Thanks for the review guys. It was actually in a gradual decent for the last segment of the flight. The altitude is a bit misleading as it took off 8 feet higher than the water level. It was in a slow decent for the last 200 feet of travel or so. I wish I could overlay the video on this. I will see if I can get it off the Ipad and attach it here. Thanks again for taking the time to go through this.

Actually it is spot on. 2.7m = ~8ft. Looking at the above graph, you can see a mostly level altitude. If anything the aircraft was climbing ever so slightly. The VPS altitude dropped suddenly just before you issued full elevator. I do not see a gradual descent anywhere in the flight.