Mavic Mini officially leaked by the FCC

Per the FCC, here’s the product label for the new Mavic Mini:


And here's the label for the remote controller:


This information came from the FCC documents posted here and here.

Should be interesting … I’m wondering how many ‘bells & whistles’ it’ll have. Not sure what the point of it is, anyone have any ideas ?

I haven’t seen any more details about it yet. At that small size, it certainly could not come with all of the features packed into the Mavic 2s. Then again, not everyone wants to pay Mavic 2 money to fly a drone.

Unless there’s something else on the horizon from a different manufacturer thats in-bound and DJI are trying to get in first. They could have just improved on the Spark surely ? Still, I’m looking forward to see what’s coming. Let’s just hope DJI get a grip of distribution for all those that will rush to purchase.

Perhaps this will be the new and improved Spark replacement. When folded up, it looks like it’s possibly going to be smaller than the Spark.





I’m waiting for reports from owners before I purchase. They shouldn’t be long in coming :face_with_monocle: