Mavic mini goes 3x speed backwards as forwards!

Hey ladies and gents.

I’m new here, I have spent thr last few days browsing forums across the Web but in some previous threads people seemed very knowledgeable and helpful so thought I’d ask.

I’ve had my MM since around November.
Its had various bumps in this time.

Now I’m in coronavirus lockdown I thought I’d entertain myself and get better at flying cinematic shots.

But I tried it now and it has stopped going full speed forwards. (backwards and side to side is fine)

It seems to be down to the MM not pitching very far forwards. Backwards it’s pitching fine.

So far I have

  • recalibrated the IMU,
  • replaced props
  • browsed the Web.
  • tried all 3 modes; s p and c.
  • tried at high up, at 5 meters and low level. (1meter)

Any ideas?

Thanks all