Mavic mini gimbal issue

My mavic mini crashed a few months ago , after crash I noticed that my drone gimbal not working. When i start the drone ony the ginabal top motor mover left and right but the roll & pitch motor don’t respond. After a fewdays later i changed the whole gimbal and also changed the 3in1 ribon . But its still not working like the previous gimbal . In my phone , the app shows two error code (40002&40021). Please help me .

You can find many people discussing those errors in these Google search results.

I cannot confirm from experience, but a poster in this Reddit thread states the following:

It looks like this YouTube video is showing the software the poster above mentioned.

But i saw on YouTube that many people just replace the gimbal and start calibration from the dji fly app and it’s work .
After many research to my drone, i noticed that the ptz cable and flex cable both are okay and saw that the ptz gimbal part don’t get any power from motherboard.

Perhaps one of those people can help since they’ve successfully completed that swap?